Town of Whitby Parking By-Laws - How to avoid parking tickets at games

No Parking

Updated Wednesday July 31, 2019 by Whitby Minor Baseball Association.

The Town of Whitby constantly receives complaints from both residents that live around some of the Whitby parks, as well as angry parents of the players receiving parking infractions.

Please take the time to review the attached brochure from the Town of Whitby that explains Traffic By-law 1862-1885 in more detail which will enable you to be a good neighbour and avoid costly parking infractions.

Some of the hilites from the brochure are:

Explanation of No Parking and No Stopping areas.

The most common parking infractions include:
• Parking within 10m of an intersection
• Parking in a signed no parking or no stopping area
• Parking within 3m of a fire hydrant
• Parking on the street for more than 3 hours
• Parking in a fire route
• Parking in an accessible parking space without a valid permit
• Parking a commercial vehicle in a residential zone
• Parking within 1 m of a driveway or laneway
• Interfering with road maintenance (Street sweeping, street/catch basin repairs, etc.)

Intersection Parking
You can not park within 10m of any intersection. Parking a safe distance from the intersection allows for the safe turning movement of vehicles, and safe crossing for pedestrians. The 10 metres is measured from the curb radius and the no parking restriction includes a t-intersection.


Responsible Parking Guide.pdf